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Name:Ushahin Dreamspinner
Birthdate:Mar 4
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

"Ushahin Dreamspinner said nothing, but his eyes gleamed in the dark chamber. Near-black, the one, its pupil fixed wide; the other waxed and waned like the moon, set in a pale, crazed iris. So it had been, since the day he was beaten and left for dead, and Men said it was madness to meet his eyes. What the Ellylon thought, no one knew."

Ushahin Dreamspinner had the misfortune that Life sometimes hands out of simply being born. A Man raped an Ellyl woman and he was the result. Shunned by both races, he was stoned near to death by a group of children when he was little more than a child himself. Permanently broken in both mind and body, he was taken in by the Were when no one else wanted him. Alive when he should have been dead, he grew up broken, twisted, and utterly mad. He found a purpose in serving Satoris, a Shaper of the world who was likewise an outcast. He was the spymaster, the Dreamer, the one who-walks-between-dusk-and-dawn.

Along with his human "cousins" Tanaros and Vorax, he was made immortal and as a trio they faithfully served their master for over a thousand years. In the end, they couldn't avert the prophecy that foretold their master's downfall at the hands of those who considered themselves to be in the rights, those who the rest of the world saw as heroes. Tanaros and Vorax lay dead on the battlefield and Satoris was slain by a fair Ellyl maiden. Ushahin was once again left without a home or a purpose. He fled, taking his master's broken helm and a dagger capable of slaying even the Shapers, far away to a swamp where the Eldest Dragon lay. He was Ushahin Dreamspinner still and he would do as he had done long ago: survive.

[A journal for the character Ushahin Dreamspinner from The Sundering duology book series. PB is David Bowie. And yes, the book series basically is a perspective-flip of Lord of the Rings.]
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